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What is a printed circuit board?

Print Circuit Board (abbreviated as PCB) commonly used by circuit board manufacturers, usually refers to bare printed circuit board, as shown in figure. According to the number of layers of printed circuit board, it can be divided into single-sided printed circuit board, double-sided printed circuit board and multi-layer printed circuit board; The fabrication of circuit boards can be divided into flexible printed circuit boards, flexible printed circuit boards and rigid flexible printed circuit boards according to the structure category. PCBA board is the carrier for interconnection and installation of printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) circuits. Sometimes it also refers to the circuit board with components, namely PCBA.

The structure of the rigid multilayer PCB welded to the circuit board The rigid multilayer PCB is composed of several circuits and insulating layers, and the connection between layers is realized through electroplating holes, as shown in Figure


1. Structure of PCBA

One notable feature of the structure of PCBA is that components are installed on one or both sides of the PCB. For the convenience of communication,

The manufacturability design of PCB mainly refers to the design of minimum line width/line spacing, minimum pad ring width, minimum solder bridge width and clearance according to the processing capacity of PCB manufacturers. The premise is to understand the manufacturing method, principle and process characteristics of PCB, and master the economic and advanced processing capability.

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