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Basic principles of pcb wiring

PCB wiring is a very important link in PCB board, and understanding PCB wiring is something that beginners need to learn. In this article, we will share PCB and precautions, hoping to help users.


Rules for PCB design:

1. Control wiring direction

2. Check the open loop and closed loop of wiring

3. Control the length of wiring

4. Control the length of routing branch

5. Corner design

6. Differential pair routing

7. The impedance board of the control PCB wire matches with the wiring terminal

8. Design grounding protection wiring

9. Prevent wiring resonance

PCB wiring principles are as follows:

1. The wires at the input and output terminals shall not be adjacent and parallel, and the ground wire between the wires shall be added to prevent feedback coupling.

2. The minimum width of PCB conductor is determined by the adhesion strength and current value between the conductor and the insulating substrate.

3. The minimum spacing of PCB wires is determined by the worst case line to line insulation resistance and breakdown voltage.

4. The circular arc is generally used at the wire bend of PCB printed board, and large area copper foil is also avoided as far as possible. When large area copper foil is required for some reasons, grid shape is also used as far as possible.

These are the principles and rules of PCB design and wiring.

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