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What are the performance and technical requirements of PCB?

The performance and technical requirements of PCB manufacturers are related to the structural type of PCB and the selected substrate. Performance indicators are different for different types (rigid and flexible), different structures (single side, double side, multi-layer, with or without blind holes, embedded holes, etc.), and different substrates. Its performance level, like the product design, is generally divided into three levels according to the scope of use. PCB manufacturers describe the degree of product complexity and functional requirements, and the frequency of test and inspection. The acceptance requirements and reliability of products with different performance levels increase by level.

Level 1 - general electronic products: mainly consumer electronic products and some computers and their peripherals. There is no strict requirement on the appearance of this type of PCB. The main requirement is that it should have complete circuit functions to meet the use requirements.

Level 2 - Specialized service electronic products: including computers, communication equipment, complex commercial electronic equipment, instruments, meters and some products that do not require very strict use. This type of product requires a long service life and uninterrupted work, but the working environment is not bad. It is allowed that the appearance of some products is not perfect, but the performance should be intact and reliable.

Level 3 - High reliability products: including equipment with strict continuous performance requirements, equipment that does not allow downtime during operation, and equipment used for precision weapons and life support. PCB processing printed boards not only have complete functions, but also are required to work uninterruptedly and normally at any time, have strong environmental adaptability, and have high insurance and reliability. For such products, strict quality assurance measures shall be taken from design to product acceptance, and some reliability tests shall be conducted when necessary.


Not all PCB suppliers at different levels of PCB processing have different performance requirements. Some performance requirements are the same, and some performance indicators have different requirements on the strictness, accuracy, tolerance and reliability. The performance requirements of PCB manufacturers mainly include appearance, size, mechanical properties, physical properties, electrical properties, chemical properties and other properties. Based on IPC-A-600G and IPC - 6011 series standards, the performance of these aspects will be introduced below. The performance indicators that are not specifically described are the same for all levels of products, and those with different requirements will be described separately.

In order to more clearly show the quality status of products during acceptance and give a more intuitive description, the IPC-A-600G standard divides the quality status of printed boards into three states: ideal, acceptance and rejection:

Ideal state: It is an expected state, close to perfection but also achievable. In fact, the design quality and processing level of PCB graphics are generally not easy to achieve, so the ideal state is not necessary for receiving.

Receiving status: it is the basic requirement to ensure the necessary functional integrity and reliability of PCB manufacturers under their conditions of use, but it is not necessarily perfect, and it is the basic condition for product reception. The receiving status of products of different grades, some of which are the same, and some of which are different, are specifically described in the text.

Rejection status: It refers to a status that exceeds the minimum requirements for acceptance. Printed boards in this status are not sufficient to ensure the performance and reliability of products under service conditions. For products of different grades and different acceptance items, the rejection conditions may be different.

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