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12 years focus on small and medium volume circuit board customization production

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About Us
About Us
Process capability
Items Parameters Standard (standard/volume capacity) Advanced (maximum capacity)
Items (Maximum number of layers) UP TO 20 UP TO 26
(Sheet) FR-4,Halogen   free,CEM-3,PTFE(Aluminum/copper-based, ceramic)
(Maximum imposition size) 610X460mm 1016X610mm
(Plate thickness) 4.0mm 6.0mm
(Minimum line width line spacing) 0.076/0.076mm
 (Line width line spacing tolerance) +/-15% +/-10%
(Outer copper thickness) 140um 210um
(Inner layer copper thickness) 105um 140um
(Minimum mechanical finished hole diameter) 0.20mm 0.15mm
(Aspect ratio) 8 :1 10 :1
(Ink color) Green, blue, black, white, yellow, red, gray
(Impedance control tolerance) 8%
Surface treatment (Electro-Gold) 0.025-0.2um 0.025-0.5um
(Sinking gold) 0.025-0.2um 0.025-0.125um
(Sinking gold) 0.025-0.125um 0.025-0.125 um
(Sinking gold) 1-70 um 1-70um
(Silver sink) 0.2-0.4um
(Antioxidant) 0.375-1.75um 0.375-1.75um
(Goldfinger) 0.375um<X ≤ 1.75um ≥1.75um
(Hard gold plating) 0.375um<X ≤ 1.76um ≥1.76um
(Sink tin) 0.8um   < X ≤ 1.2um
(V-Cut angle) 20° ,30° ,45° ,60°
Form part
(Beveled edge angle) (Angle type) 30°,45°,60°
(Maximum NPTH hole size) 6.5mm >6.5mm
(Maximum PTH hole size) 6.5mm >6.5mm
(Smallest hole ring) 6mil 4mil
(ensure that there is a bridge premise IC minimum spacing) 0.25mm 0.25m
(Minimum Green Oil Bridge) 0.1mm 0.076mm
(Minimum black oil bridge) 0.125mm 0.1mm
(External dimension tolerance) ±0.1mm ±0.08mm
(Tolerance of finished plate thickness) ±10% <   ±8%
(Finished NPTH bore diameter tolerance) ±0.05mm ±0.03mm
(Finished PTH bore diameter tolerance) ±   0.076mm ±0.05mm
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Shenzhen Ashine Electronics Co., Ltd.

Contact: Mr. Deng 13501583461

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Room 701, Building A, Huizhi Times Square, Songgang Avenue, Bao'an District, Shenzhen

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Meizhou Contact Information
Meizhou  Ashine Electronics Co., Ltd.
Address: Meizhou City Meizhou District Dongsheng Industrial Park AD9 (Yu Wei) No. 3 plant

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