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12 years focus on small and medium volume circuit board customization production

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  • 12 Year

    12 years focus on small and medium volume circuit board customization production

  • 10000 M2

    The company plant covers an area of

  • 12 Hour

    Rapid production of double-sided prototypes can be completed within 12 hours
    Fastest cycle time of 24 hours for multi-layers

  • 300 +

    The common choice of well-known companies

High precision High quality High guarantee
Layer 4 switch motherboard
Large size plate, 4-layer impedance, gold deposit, plate thickness 2.0mm, TG170
6th floor 2nd order HDI control board
Plate thickness 2.0mm, Lianmao IT180A, gilding, impedance, 3/3mil line spacing, laser secondary, electroplating hole filling, resin plug hole
4-layer thick copper power board
4-layer half hole metal edging plate, Shengyi TG170, inner and outer copper thickness 3oz, pan hole
6-ply copper metal edge plate
4-layer half hole metal edging plate, Shengyi TG170, inner and outer copper thickness 3oz, pan hole
Specialized manufacturing services for circuit boards
Professional focus, layers of control, just to do a good job on each board
Strict material selection
All brand materials, such as Shengyi and KB sheet, shall be used. If the raw materials fail to pass the index test, they shall be returned and replaced immediately
Precision machining
LDI laser exposure machine, vacuum etching machine, character inkjet printer and other advanced equipment have greatly improved the processing accuracy
Full inspection of products
Each production link is specially inspected by QC, and the products are controlled layer by layer through self inspection by operators and sampling inspection by QA
Functional guarantee
Anime, copper thickness tester, impedance tester, gold tester and other advanced instruments and equipment ensure performance
Our advantagesAdvanced production equipmentHigh quality products
Service hotline 0755-29481190 Communicate online immediately
Main application fields
Quality and output coexist to meet customization needs in different fields
The company has a professional R & D, design, manufacturing team. Design technical team familiar with all kinds of engineering treatment and impedance. Can tailor-made for you, the feasibility of design, proficiency in a variety of circuit design software. Advanced manufacturing equipment and testing instruments, expert level technical support and services, ensure product consistency, stability and delivery on time.
Entering Ashine
12 years focus on small and medium volume circuit board customization production

Shenzhen Ashine Electronic Co. Ltd. is located in the famous national electronic industry of Shajing town Baoan District Shenzhen City.It Adjacent to Hongkong.The electronic industry have perfect supporting services and convenient logistics environment.ASHINE is a professional to provide more variety, small batch and circuit board manufacturers rapid plate making service.After years of development,We has the production 2-30 laminate Technology,thick copper、Super thick board、Mixed plate、High frequency board、Special substrate And High precision multilayer impedance board has a wealth of production experience。

Customer complaint rate less than 1.20%
On-time delivery rate higher than 95%
Pass rate of 96% in one test
Customer satisfaction rate up to 98%
Committed to customized production of small batches of circuit boards

Adhere to high-quality and efficient operation to provide high-quality services for our customers

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Cooperative partner
Thank you to the following strategic partners for their 12 years of long-term support to Ashine
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